Surfing Tattoo

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Is there such a thing as a surfing tattoo? Surfing and tattoos do go hand in hand, you see surfers sporting their tattoos almost every time you hit the beach. But it is hard to pin down a certain tattoo style, shape or motive that could be marked as surfing tattoo.

Of course there are wave tattoos, then various tribal tattoos, anything related to Hawaii, anything a bit more spiritual or just plain and simple words that represent the essence of surfing, words that represent the stoke, words that represent your feelings towards surfing. Then you have tattoos that represent localism – tattoos of surfing “tribes” and brotherhoods . Then you have tattoos that are made their way to T-Shirts and boardshorts and other surf wear.  And then you have surfers with tattoos that have no relation to what we just said whatsoever.

Bobby Martinez Tattoo

So at the end, as it is hard to pinpoint what is a surfer these days, it is impossible so say what is a surfing tattoo. If you are thinking about getting one you should really choose something that is close to your hart and always will be, something you will be comfortable wearing when you are older.

Waves Surfing TattooIf you decide and get yourself a surfing tattoo then make sure you:

1. STAY OUT OF DIRECT SUNLIGHT! For at least 2 to 3 weeks. Sun will blur new tattoos even if they are black. Even later on it is wise to put lots of sunblock on your tattoo or wear a wetsuit, rashguard to keep it out of direct sunlight.

2. STAY OUT OF THE WATER! That means no soaking in water, no swimming, no direct shower water on your new surfing tattoo  for 2-3 weeks. And of course – no surfing! Water will soften the scabs and eventually your new tattoo will float away together with scabs.

Take care!


  • bt says:

    Does anyone know whats on his right arm? is it just designs or more too it? anyone have any good pictures of that arm

  • james says:

    gostaria de saber se poden me ajudar estou aprocura de uma tatuage com o logotipo antigo da marca de surf agster da decada de 80/90 ou algo parecido agradessso quem poder dar essa força valeu8)

  • ice says:

    tattoos are gay. especially those beaner ones.

  • zann says:

    ANYONE HAS A CLOSE UP PICTURE OF IT???? its AWESUM and one of the best sleeve tattoos i have seen but i would love to look at it up close……can anyone help….??? thankx Zann

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