World Record Wave Surfing

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World Record For The Most People Surfing One Wave Is Broken Again

World Record Wave Surfing was done by Earthwave Brazil as a part of raising the global warming awareness. They made the Guinness World Record for ‘most surfers riding one wave simultaneously’ with 84 (eighty four!) surfers riding the same small wave at Quebra Mar in Santos. The former record was 44 surfers and was smashed twice that day. First by 71 surfers in Cape Town and then later by surfers from Brazil.

I am sure it requires lots of work, organization, coordination and synchronization to brake the one surfer one wave rule so efficiently, but what I am most amazed at is the power of the nature. That one small wave (see the pic) had enough power to carry 84 people, no problem. And it could carry more if they could squeeze in. 6 tons of prime surfer meat and maybe a ton of equipment makes more than 15 000 lbs. So big thanks for World Record Wave Surfing goes to the nature itself.


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