How Snowboards Are Made

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Snowboard Construction By Elan Snowboards

Elan SnowboardsElan snowboards is a Slovenia based snowboard company that makes some pretty good sticks . Lucky for this blog post, this is not all they do. They also made (or at least participated, we are not sure :) ) a “How snowboards are made” clip that well – explains how their snowboards are made (thanks nollie ).

So for all of you that wonder what kind of hi-tech sci-fi alien tech lies behind a modern snowboard, here is the answer. From the wood core to top sheet to base and edges all the way to the finished snowboard. Join Anssi and take the snowboard factory tour. Great stuff!

How Snowboards Are Made

Answer SnowboardNow this video might not be enough to get you started to build your own snowboard in the garage :) but anyway, if you are interested how this years snowboards from Elan look like, here is a little taste – Elan Answer.

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