Skate To Sunshine

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Adam Colton Skates To Sunshine

At first I wanted to write that this is something every surfer longboarder should see to brush up on his cross stepping skills on the way to the nose of his beloved longboard. But Adam Coltons skills, the music, the whole Skate to Sunshine package is just to “feelgood” to be reduced to a “how to walk on a longboard” video. The grace and the fluidity of Adams old school skatebording just makes you feel… good times. Who is Adam Colton you might ask? Probably a stupid question if you are a longboarder on wheels yourself, since Adam has become one of the hottest things in longboarding these days. But if you are not, you might want to check out his website conveniently named If you are still waiting for the cross-stepping tip, there are lots of tips to be found on his site. Now lets Skate To Sunshine.

Skate To Sunshine

Adam’s videos started gaining attention in 2005, there is something about them that makes them stand out from the rest. I call it the “feel good factor”. But its not just the feeling – in the summer of 2005, Adam and his friends skated across the United States to raise money for a local community center.  Right now Adam is on another skate over the continent journey, this time you can find him in Europe. Their website says: “My Name is Bam and on 1st July 2007 Myself and Adam Colton will set off on a 4000km skate journey across 5 European countries in an effort to raise funds for three very special charities.”

Skate Across Europe

Adam Colton started skaboarding in his 7th Grade. He loved to ollie down stairs, gaps and board slide flat rails. Got into Longboarding Senior year of high school, just bombed hills. During college saw one of Chris Chaput’s board walking videos and was stoked. From there just got creative with a bunch of college friends and started dancing around. Longboarding was a great way to have fun at college and scare the ladies. Now Longboarding is a big part of his life but not everything. It is all about balance because as we all know there are so many other awesome things and I am happy longboarding is one of them….(this is taken from the Silverfish Longboarding interview with Adam Colton, to read the whole thing go here.

To finish it off, another video from an amazing piece of Earth called Joshua Tree National Park. Some balance training for the longskate, Enjoy and feel good :)

Slacking in Joshue Tree National Park


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