Snowboard Teaser IV – Float

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Float – An All Female Snowboard Film

I know the winter is over and apart from a few exceptions snow on northern hemisphere is hard to come by. That is why this clips ARE CALLED TEASERS! This time it is time for an all girls movie called Float that will be released in fall 2007.


Float is a rider driven and produced film that will focus upon the level of women’s snowboarding today. You will be able to get it for free as a cover mount on select snowboard magazine or you can just go ahead an buy it. This will make it the most widely distributed female snowboard film to date.

I know you are interested which girls will be riding in the film so here is the list:

  • Lisa Filzmoser (AU),
  • Erin Valverde (US),
  • Silvia Mittenmuller (GER) ,
  • Chanelle Sladics (US),
  • Barret Christy (US),
  • Tara Dakides (US),
  • Victoria Jealouse,
  • Jamie Anderson (US),
  • Kimmy Fasani (US),
  • Maribeth Swetkoff (US),
  • Izzy Lalive (US),
  • Stacey Thomas (US),
  • Tina Basich (US),
  • Shannon Dunn Downing (US),
  • Mehgann O’Brien (CAN),
  • Jenny Jones (U.K.),
  • Laura Hadar, Melissa Evans and many more.

The idea for the project came out of both Misschief Films & Chunkyknit Productions canceling there plans for creating another film for the 06′-07′ winter season. Project Float is an outlet to showcase the best snowboarding of girls that have had influence on the sport and who are evolving in the sport as we speak.

Now to the clip…

Float Teaser

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