6 Tips for Choosing Floating GoPro Grip

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GoPro grip with rubberized handleEvery GoPro camera needs a GoPro grip. Why? The housing itself is not very handy to hold and can quickly fly out of our hands not to mention that holding it by the housing puts your fingers into the shot lots of times. Nine times you are careful but the tenth time when the shots are really good and you are all excited— BAM! there is your finger in the corner. This is why we need mounts. To put the camera on the helmet, on our bike, on our surfboard, on our chest, on our dog, on our car, on a drone, on a sup or kayak paddle etc…there are so many different mounts these days you can get lost in them.

But the most basic mount is a GoPro grip. A stick that helps you properly grip your camera in your hand and make taking photos and shooting video easier. It also acts as a simple inconspicuous selfie stick and also very important – if you take your GoPro into the water and drop it – a floating grip will stop the camera from sinking (not all grips are floating). So a floating grip is one of the first GoPro accessories you should buy.

How to choose your GoPro grip?

  1. Make sure its not to thin so it fits your hand nicely,
  2. make sure is has some color so you can see it if you drop it in the water,
  3. make sure it floats,
  4. make sure the grip is not slippery when wet, rubberized is best,
  5. quality material – depends on the price – sturdy plastic or carbon for light weight,
  6. good price.

Floatygrips.com has 3 version of grips, a really dirt cheap plastic one, a improved rubberized version and an almost indestructible lightweight carbon grip. Check them out.

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