20 Best Surfing Photos From 2012

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It’s that time of the year when lists are made. Statistics are pulled together. Conclusions are made. Winners are announced. Resolutions to surf more and worry less are written in our minds. So this is a great time to look over a few “best surfing photos of 2012” lists. Surfing is on one hand a really hard sport to photograph. If not shot correctly a wave is a wave is a wave. On the other hand, if shot correctly every motion of water is different, never two drops of water fall exactly the same…even during those “not a drop of water was out of place” sessions. A result of this is – for me – that looking at most of your friends surfing photos is as booooriiiing as wathing grass grow in slow motion. And on the other hand – looking at worlds best surfing photos from one year can be quite amazing. So here we go:

  1. SURFERMAG Best Photos Of 2012, this is where the cover photo for this story comes from. The story behind it is this:”When photographer Yassine Ouhilal’s photos of this very-viscous pointbreak appeared in our office, we couldn’t believe what we were seeing. When Yazzy then told us he actually surfed this wave, alone, we had a hard time believing him. With the ocean surface frozen nearly solid, and rogue icebergs in the wave faces, he’s lucky he made it out alive. And we’re happy he did—and that he shared the epic tale and images in this year’s Big Issue. Photo: Yazzy” Crazy stuff!! For the whole list go here.
  2. This second Inertia list is HUGE with 127 best surfing and water related photos from 2012. But with some unusual artistic photos is really worth checking out.
  3. Now…if you are interested in seeing a little skin then most viewed section of Surfline gallery is also a cool place to go (but compared to 1. and 2. on this list these photos suck). To bad they don’t make a yearly selection of photos like Pinkbike for instance. Yeah…I know this is a surf article but if you at least ride a bike to the beach or to the nearest store you will appreciate these (TOP 100-50 and 49-1 from Pinkbike).

That’s it. If you have any more – the comments are opened.

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