DC snowboards and DC bindings

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It has been cooking for quite some time and now its out in the open. At the SIA Trade Show in Las Vegas, Nevada DC announced that they will start with their own snowboard and bindings line. At the moment the equipment is still in development stage but the new DC snowboard and binding line should be ready for the next SIA show and available in shops in Fall 2008.

So how far are they? The DC team is just starting to ride and test the first samples of the new products and trying different set-ups. Based on their feedback DC snowboards and bindings will be further developed.

DC about the move

Ken Block : “DC’s move into hard goods is a territory where we feel we can make a significant impact. DC’s founders and many of its employees have been heavily involved in snowboarding through all aspects of the market, from DC’s boots and outerwear to snowboards (Type A) and all the way to magazines (Blunt Snowboarding), so that made this an easy decision.”

New DC snowboard team

DC signed some of the snowboarding biggest names to promote their new snowboard and bindings line:

  • Devun Walsh was signed to represent DC hardgoods,
  • Iikka Backstrom and Lauri Heiskari were signed to DC’s boards and bindings
  • Aaron Biittner will ride DC hardgoods as well.

All four riders will be outfitted in DC products head to board.


  • boarder says:

    DC snowboads? :)

  • ricky says:

    finally they come out with a board. does anybody know if they are going to be really pricey or lie decent in like the 300-380

  • Jess says:

    Dude thank god! I’m a 14 year old girl and love snowboarding and DC’s i’m so happy!! :D

  • henry says:

    the boards are going to be from $350-$469 depending on what your looking for. But they are only making one type of snowboard for girls so sorry jess. They are going to be really good for both park and powder so I’m stoked!

  • Anthoney says:

    Does anyone know when exactly they are supposed to be released? I’m looking into getting some new bindings for the upcoming season, and am really looking forward to checking out what DC has to offer. I live in Georgia and we don’t have a fall, so wouldn’t know when to expect these to release. All we have is summer and a kind of chilly winter.

  • tyler says:

    and i cant wait to see what they have 8)

    to anthoney, fall begins in late october

  • BWalk says:

    ;D I’m so stoked for these boards to drop. I was in Stratton VT and got to check a few out at a DC promo stand. Theyre mad flexy and look so legit for freestyle. I work at a resort in the terrain park so im sure ill be sein some come through. hopefully they beast it out.

  • Ryan says:

    Tyler your dumb fall start late september… like the 21st or the 22 depending on the year

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