Snowboard Teaser XXIII: Hunt & Gather

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Hunt & Gather by Dedicated

It seems we are a little late posting snowboard teasers since most of this years snowboard movies are already out on the shelves of your next door board shops or even better in your DVD players. But show us a snowboarder who doesn’t like to see┬ásome nice fluffy powder turns,┬ásome inovative camera angles, a few slow rotations. A good snowboard teaser never goes unpunished. Yay!

This one comes from Dedicated crew : “We want to make something different, a “real” movie that shows the rider’s passion and dedication to the sport, his friends and the mountains. We want to make a documentary that passes the rider’s feelings about the sport directly on to the audience. Something comparable to the surf movie “The Endless Summer”. Briefly a dedicated movie about dedicated people.”


Hunt & Gather Teaser

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