4 Way Fin System

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There is a new removable fin system on the market and they claim to be the most advanced fin system out there. So what does 4WayFinSystem has to offer?

Sure, 4 way fin system allows you to remove your fins for traveling but that’s not it. You can fine tune your fins by changing toe-in and out angle, splay angle and horizontal adjustment. Playing with all these angles may be too much for an average surfer so this system will be warmly greeted mostly by shapers who will be able to fine tune their customers boards. Twisting and turning features…

HORIZONTAL REALIGNMENT Push your side fins forward and your center fin back to accelerate your boards drive and down the line speed, or the opposite to heighten your boards turning ability and maneuverability.

OUTWARD AND INWARD SPLAY Increase the outward splay of your side fins to power up your boards maneuverability and rail to rail transition or reduce outward splay to pump up down the line speed.

TOE-IN AND OUT Toe-in your side fins to improve maneuverability, or toe-out to inject extra drive and speed. A highly robust box system that stays in your board, with special additions for kite boards and tow-in boards

A WORLD-1ST PATENTED IMPACT ZONE ensuring that, under severe frontal impact, fins snap out of the disc interface without damage to either the box or board

ENHANCED FIN BASE STABILITY generated from precision manufactured fin tabs that fit precisely into the interdisc – providing superb support even before the grub screws are tightened.

Visit their website for more info.

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