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For those of you who always wanted to control the speed of your motorized skateboard with your cellular phone, now we have a product for you!
Groundsurf – Bluetooth Controlled Skateboard

GroundSurf is not an ordinary skateboard. First thing you notice is the fact that it only has three wheels. Then it is powered by an electric motor. And the thing you might not notice so we will tell you –  it is speed controlled through a Bluetooth enabled cellular phone.

Stephane Pelletier of Ratleads, that is behind the skateboard says, “First of all, it’s a surfboard, not a skateboard – the surf feeling, but on the ground. It’s been tested and developed with professional surfers. The back is a very specific truck that moves in different dimensional ways. Compared to a skateboard, it’s not moving the same way at all. You really have to try it to believe it.”
So how do you control the speed? You need a touch screen & bluetooth enabled cell phone. You load up some software and when you slide your fingers up the screen the skateboard goes faster and when you slide them down it stops.
But if you are not into this then the first Groundsurf model might suit you better. You will be able to accelerate or brake by leaning forward or backwards. Price? $1,770-$2,040. Ouch!


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