Gu Wax From Bubble Gum Surf Wax

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The company  that makes Gu Wax is Bubble Gum Surf Wax which was founded by Britton Galland’s dad and this is what Britton had to say about their beginnings:  “My dad formulated a special blend called Icky Sticky Ooey Gooey — back in the day, Galland said. “I busted some out for my friends and I to use at pro junior and QS events, and we all got hooked. After a while, we didn’t want to surf a heat without it.”

Now Bubble Gum came up with a new and improved wax formula which includes an ingredient that is unaffected different water temperatures nad it is called Gu Wax. Which means that you can use the same bar of wax in Bali and in San Francisco: “We’ve had NSSA groms as well as CT pro’s using the new Gu in a wide range of water temps and surf conditions — from Bali and Hawaii to New York and back to San Francisco. And they’re getting great results.”

Gu Wax

So now there are only two different types of  Gu Wax. One is for water below 70 degrees, and one for water temps over 70.  The new Gu Wax also has new packaging – you get it in a re-usable zip-lock bag.

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