Hurley Advantage Boardshorts

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These boardshorts have just won the “Men’s Boardshort of the Year” image award. So what is so special about Hurley Advantage Boardshorts? The fabric! Hurley makes these boardshorts from fabric that was developed and patented by Nike (yuck, Nike bought Hurley years ago…). So what is special about this fabric? It’s a four-way stretch, super lightweight and water repellent piece of cloth and that makes it a perfect fabric for making boardshorts.

Hurley Advantage Boardshorts have 120% stretch, 72% less water absorption and are53% lighter. Well this is if you care for that kind of things. Like “Yeah, my boardshorts are 53% lighter than yours, see me bust that air 0.21% higher that you…”.

Still congratulation to Hurley for the most technologically advanced and functional boardshorts available. Now its time for some blah blah:

Hurley Blah Blah

“As everyone in the surf industry knows, the boardshort is the core product in any range,” says Jevon le Roux, General Manager of Hurley South Africa. “This makes SIMA’s acknowledgment of the Advantage especially pleasing and we are proud to be able to offer this product in South Africa.”

Hurley Advantage Boardshorts

The Advantage boardshort is just one of the boardshorts in the Phantom range. They will be available in August and new models will be added this November. Since the new fabric is a bit pricey, new models will only stretch 60% and will be therefore cheaper.

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