Kelly Slater and Al Merrick

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Kelly Slater and Channel Islands

If you do not already know, Al Merricks Channel Islands were bought by Burton Snowboards a while ago (last year). Jake Burton and Al Merrick talked it out over the surf session of powder session or whatever these guys do when they talk bussines. Or maybe it was even a golf game. Whatever. The result is the inflow of new technology from Burton to Channel Islands surfboards. Trying new things, getting hands on some new tools… and who is the best man to test all the new stuff when it starts to roll out?

Duh! Kelly Slater. So after twenty years of riding Al Merrick shapes, Kelly Slater and Channel Islands’ Al Merrick announced that Slater will work with the company to develop new surfboard technologies. So what did the players have to say about it?

The Blah Blah Blah

Kelly Slater: “I am still excited about every board Al and I work on, even after 20 years. With Jake and crew coming into the company and with the depth of resources they can bring to the table I feel that we can create something totally unique in the industry.”

Al Merrick: “Kelly and I have a great longstanding personal and business relationship. I am excited now that we have the resources and technologies to develop new and better boards. I know that Kelly is going to play a massive part in this and his involvement will help lead surfboard design into the future.”

Jake Burton:  “It’s our goal to work with Al to see that surfboard technology progresses faster than ever. We have all known that Kelly is an integral part of this process, and not merely because of his standing in the sport, but also because of his unique understanding of what makes a surfboard work, his determination to make it better and his commitment to finding ways to accomplish all of this in a more environmentally friendly manner. I look forward to being around and benefiting from Kelly’s involvement and leadership.”

So… it looks like we can expect more great stuff from Channel Islands.

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