Sannayasi Surfboards

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Sannayasi Eco Veneers

A new shot at the most eco friendly surfboard was made by Sannayasi Surfboards. Their newest stick producing method is glass free and has less than 25 grams of Epoxy resin in it. These 25 grams were used to bond the leash and fin plugs.

The core of the surfboard is recyclable Polystyrene. There is no stringer and the board is made using Vacuum  bonding. The process also uses 60% less wood than the commonly accepted “cut the rail off and glue it back on” method.
Bonding of Sannayasi Surfboards veneers is done with their own Starch polymer that is around 80% renewable. Sannyasi Eco Surfboard also has bio plastic leash plug so you got that covered also.
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