Surfboard shaping machine

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I don’t know how many of you guys ever tried to shape your own surfboard but let me tell you, its a mess. The first problem is the place to do it. Weekend warrior shaper has no shaperoom. No special ventilation system, no special lighting, no massive racks for you blank, no three different planners, no nothing. So you end up doing it in your garage, barn or in your girlfriends parents bedroom.

The second problem is the white powder. Especially if you are doing a epoxy – styrofoam surfboard. Styrofoam is made of small white beads pressed together. When you are shaping your board all these beads get released into the room. A little static electricity and they are stuck. Stuck to the floor, to the walls, to the ceiling, to your hand, hair, ears, arms and legs. You try to shake ’em off, blow them off with the planner, no matter what you do, they will find their way into your apartment. Suddenly you start seeing little white spots around your house. Then you start to think if I only had one of these…

Surfboard Shaping Machine

3DM came up with a new Surfboard Shaping Machine & Scanning System. It makes surfboards shine, it’s  super fast, accurate & easy to use. They say surfboards can be scanned & ready for cutting in around an hour. Does that mean you borrow your friends “one of the kind” surfboard for a minute and you can return with a copy :) ?

Surfboard Shaping Machine in Action







Surfboards shaping machines are not new, people have been playing with them and using them for quite some time. 3DM itself is making Surfboard Shaping Machines for  17 years. Think about that when you order your next custom board. What really goes on in the shaperoom…or your girlfriends parents bedroom.


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