Tom Curren Surf Shop

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Rip Curl store dedicated to Tom Curren was opened in his hometown of Santa Barbra CA. What is so special or different about this store that separates it from other Rip Curl surf shops? Well, the store is filled with things related to Tom Curren. Stuff like a signed Tom Curren surfboard hanging from the ceiling, his movie being played on the screen etc…

Tom CurrenTom Curren Blah Blah?

“I was first sponsored by Rip Curl when I was 15, that was back in 1979 here in Santa Barbra at the Channel Island store.  I was super pumped, Claw had come up to meet me, it’s just one of those times in your life you always remember. Something special kind of like here at this store today.”


  • m woerner says:

    I’ve been searching for the greatest surfing video
    ever,I stupidly lent to someone and never was to be
    seen again .I should have known. Now i hve kids of my
    own ,and would love for them to see this video.
    hard to find the only surfing video you need


    if you know where i could purchase it. It would be
    greatly appreciated.

  • Ron Chase says:

    where the heck can I buy this flick

  • Peter Hogg says:

    I like to collect pro surfboards.
    Anyone wanting to sell one of Tom’s boards please contact me.Not collecting for money just memories of the 80’s/90’s.
    I dropped in on Tom at quarrantine in Victoria by mistake.I admire that man.

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