Psycho II O’Neill Wetsuit

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Whats new with Psycho II wetsuit in fall 2007? O’Neill’s patented ZENZip Closure System has been reprogrammed with the new ContortionistSeamless Shoulder, Deconstructed Barrier, and Baseline Drain Hole. Helping keep the complicated words line long are Firewall X-type andergonomic D-tox Knee Padz :) Anyway, a great wetsuit from O’Neill!

Psycho II Oneil Wetsuit

Psycho II Wetsuit Technical Stuff


  • Body: 100% UltraFlex XDS with X-foam,
  • Chest/Lumbar: Smooth Skin/Firewall X-type,
  • Knee: UltraFlex DDS with D-foam,
  • Neck facing: Glideskin


  • Double Fluid Seam Weld  (stitchless),
  • Patented ZEN Zip Closure System,
  • Barrier 2 with Pullover neck seal,
  • D-tox Knee Panel with D-foam and silcone Padz,
  • Plasma Wrist and Ankle Seals,
  • Double Super Seal Neck,
  • Handcuff Wrist Seal,
  • 10 YKK Zipper (Code Red Zipper on 6/5/4),
  • External Key Pocket with Loop.


  • Super Minimal Seam Design,
  • Contortionist Seamless Shoulder,
  • Strategic Seamless Paddle Zones,
  • LSD: Lumbar Seamless Design,
  • Sidewinder S-Curve Seams.


  • wettie says:

    Does any of you guys own a Psycho II? How is it?

  • mj111 says:


    With a heavy heart I write this to inform you of the latest loss to the surfing world. O’Neill wetsuits has decided to pull their size XXXL wetsuits
    from there product line leaving us larger men unable to purchase there fine suits and to be comfortable in colder climates. It was explained
    to me that the XXXL suits were not profitable enough to continue there production. In addition to that it is sick that you would be willing to make custom colors for $100 more but not a larger suit?

    I am not fat nor abnormally formed and arms are not large. I am 6’3″ tall 220. An XXXL is less restrictive in the chest and shoulders, the O’Neill XXXL
    has more stomach pooch material though annoying is worth the ability to actually paddle. I have surfed for thirty two years and have purchased
    new suits just about every year. A 3/2mm and 4/3mm for the winter and a spring and vest in the summer. Two growing boys too close together
    in age to hand me down and growing fast need full’s, springs, and vests each year and one full and spring for the wife every couple of years.
    That’s just about seven to ten rubber products a year.

    Industry needs to realize that the younger generation that is moving product faster are not the buyers, the older or larger guy is, he is the one that
    forks out the cash. If my loyalty to a company is repaid by the removal of a product that I need to continue the sport I love then what left to be said
    about that company. I intend on taking my business, my entire business , suits, apparel accessories on down the road to a manufacturer that values
    my business enough to realize that I am the one that is there key buyer and I am encouraging my friends to follow.

    If you can supply a suit that will get me back in the water I want to hear from you. You will get my business, my families business, and every person
    within screaming distance of every surf break I go to around the world will know that you did not sell out their key buyer and person that helped
    build there company to what it is today.

    I would appreciate if you would forward this to the USA operations there is no email site available to contact them.

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