Wetsuit Buyers Guide for the 2014/2015 Season

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Twelve different wetsuit brands and 50 different wetsuit models. If you are in te market for a new wetsuit or just interested in whats new in the world of staying warm in the water, check it out.


  • Patrick says:

    I was reading your instructions for putting on a cold wet wetsuite. I have a suggestion.
    I surf in frigid San Francisco waters. I’ve found the best way to overcome putting on a cold wet wetsuite. First, run hot water inside the fullsuit prior to waering it. If you are in the beach parking lot, then you have to transport the hot water in an insulated jug. I use recycled detergent jugs wrapped in old wetsiuite neoprene(insulated jug). I was looking for a wetsuite thickness for Boston. I want to visit my cousin in Boston with a proper wetsuite thickness. Your website helped.—Thank You.

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