Xcel Infiniti Wetsuit

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Who says that Hawaii is to warm to make decent wetsuits. People from XCEL wetsuits can obviously find motivation even in mild and warm weather. They havejust claimed their second in a row “Best Wetsuit of The Year” award fortheir Infiniti Wetsuit.

The invention that helped XCEL grab their second SIMA award is called Infiniti Drylock waterproof system. What is hidden behind these stuffed words is a zipper that does not leak. Infiniti wetsuit features a 100% waterproof Drylock zipperas part of Xcel’s X-ZIP 2 entry system. So far zippers were always partly to blame for watter entering your wetsuit. Zipper and stitches if we count out that you might not have the right sized wetsuit.

The best wetsuit stitches have been waterproof for quite some time now, with glued, blind stitched and sealed seams. But zipper was allways kind of a problem. We still need to check just what XCEL wetsuits did to make their zipper waterproof, but nice going guys.

The same Infiniti Series wetsuits won Xcel these same honors last year. So in a battle for “Who has the best wetsuit in the market” XCEL now has a strong argument.

Xcel’s Infiniti Drylock system was chosen over fellow “Wetsuit of the Year” nominees such as Body Glove, Rip Curl, and O’Neill.

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