#3-5: Meh…

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Returning back from Sardinia it was game on after just 2 days. The forecast looked promising, solid session on Friday, an easy one on Saturday and the big finish on Sunday. Not to mention a huge Monday and Tuesday that I knew I’ll have to miss. It turned out that the late afternoon Friday session was the best thing of all three days. Fun right walls and just me and Luggy in the water. Saturday was sunny, thats a plus :) and then Sunday, everybody arrived. The forecast called for a solid 1.5m but desperate Instagram stories from our friends that were already on the spot kept us playing Into the Dead 2 in the apartment until 2pm :)). Another late afternoon session when the waves finally picked up a bit. Fun 3 day surf trip, a rare thing in the Adriatic, especially because if I had time I could have extended it into a 6 day, which is like…wtf this never happens. But surfwise nothing to really get excited about.


NOA, 5.-7.1.2018

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