Surfing: The Sheep Parade

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23 photos and some words from our latest three day wind swell chasing surf trip down south.

Car parked in bushes

The most photographed ‘corn’ on the Adriatic coast. It’s the only feature that breaks the pretty non distinctive piece of coastline so naturally, you HAVE to put it into the photo.  These few plants are like an ID for this surf spot.

Car lights and a lonely road at night

After a late Friday afternoon session it’s time to get smoked by a poorly ventilated open fireplace, eat some pizza, and drink a few beers at the Old Fisherman restaurant. Only a few locals watching soccer and drinking something pinky-red with bubbles, and two surfers (that’s us) talking stories about past and future surf trips. My sweater still stinks like a smoked sausage.

driving in the night

My roommate arriving to the mud party above the surf spot. Mud party will start as soon as it starts to rain…which is soon:)

Buring grass

When you try to park your car out of the wind you get some interesting colors in the rear view mirror.

Seagulls in the morning sky.

Yawn. Wake up. Open the window. It’s grey and there are seagulls everywhere. It’s a bit windy. No rush. Yawn. Close the window. Go back to sleep. I love sleeping 5m from the sea.

Drying wetsuits on branches

These things are not only useful for photography, if you forget your hanger you can use them and make a neoprene scarecrow.

Surfing between cars

That’s my friend Dejc making the most out of not that good Saturday conditions:). Any day surfing is better than a day without it so we were all smiles after.

Resting between the sheeps

Resting in the car, watching life go by. Em..that is sheep go by. And a dog. And a guy on quad bike. And a lonely runner. Hm..yep, that was it in 12 hours. What you see here is rush hour!

Sunny coastline

In the afternoon it was soooo sunny the left half of the picture is completely burned.

Drying wetsuits in the sun

Luka is the most meticulous wetsuit dryer ever, he uses every second possible to hang and dry his wettie. He even hangs it in front of the restaurant when we go and get ourselves a beer for the second evening in the row. It would be pretty weird if he missed the afternoon sun.

View from the sea

View from the sea, Saturday morning. Mini malibu session. Now be a good Hawaian and measure this wave from the back:)

Cloudy sea

Another view of our little ocean. Different moods huh?:)


After a hail storm that threw us off our improvised beds and wished us an early good morning it took us a good hour on a windy road (narrowly missing a lonely sheep with red ass and one car from Austria, yep that was all the traffic we got) to get to another surf spot. This is another surf spot.

Surfer getting ready on the pier.

That’s me after…I guess 5 hours of surfing…entering the lineup after the walk up the point.


The plan was – lets surf for a few hours in the morning, then rest, eat, sleep and have another session in the afternoon. The execution was – lets surf from the morning till evening when we have to leave, we will eat on the way. I like:)!

Top turn

All the photos were taken when Dejc got out of water because he got cramps. By that time the waves got kind of small but still really fun.


When you find a right on a left pointbreak you soon figure out you are going the wrong way… :)


Going the right way…


…still going…

Reef walk

…until the wave disappears. Then you have to do a little reef dancing and some rock jumping back up the point. And avoid getting shot.

Another left wave

Oh no, not another left… (oh, the getting shot part, there was a bunch of hunters hiding in the bushes telling us to go away since they have their annual Common Pheasant (Phasanius colchicus) hunt. Lots of strange whistles and a few gunshots were heard but no surfers were hurt. Not so sure about the poor pheasants though…).


A took a few shots from the water. This is the first one.


And this is the second one, I told you there were only a few. Well, that’s it, a fun 3 day wind swell surf trip. A few hours,  a few detours, and lots of rain later I was back home.


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