Snowboard Teaser XX – Walk The Plank

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Walk The Plank

Aaarrrghhh, go…walk the plank! We made it to number twenty out of this years deep bag of snowboard teasers and arrrgghh its Pirates time. Pirates come from Europe featuring some of the best Austrian and European riders. The teaser has lots of pow which is great since the 06/07 winter in Europe pretty much sucked. Maybe the went to Russia?  If you are interested who the riders are – Gigi Ruf, Chris Sorman, Marco Feichtner, Hans Ahlund, Bjorn, Hartweger, Lukas Goller, Anne-Flore Marxer, Jocki Koffler, Aleksi Vanninen, Danny Larsen, Eirik Haugo, Mitjy Fisenko, Hannes Metzler, Martin Sandberf, Andreas Monsberger.

The title of this years Pirate Movie Production snowboard movie is Walk the Plank.

Just some random info you might want to remember in case you ever join the pirates… Walking the plank is a pirate slang for throwing someone from the ship into the water where he drowns because a) he cant swim b) he can’t swim with his hands tied behind his back c) he can swim with his hands tied behind his back and a canon ball chained to his leg. The other option that does not include drowning, but is even worse is that you get eaten by sharks before you drown. Anyway, visit Pirates and give them a high five for their Walk The Plank teaser.

Walk The Plank Teaser

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