Youriding Trick

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Youriding Trick – Get More Experience Points

We haven’t posted about Youriding for quite some time. Game has quite a few new surf spots, tow-in was introduced together with some tow-in spots, new tricks were added and old tricks were changed. New spots are much “harder” or better – more fair to surf. You don’t get massive points for ridiculously long floaters or just riding the foam any more.

But this is not the point of this post. There is a cool “trick” to get more experience points in Youriding. You know you can get additional  experience points when you win a heat or a competition or when you really blow the lip off the wave, well when you execute a surfing trick really well.

Experience point will help you surf better so more points – easier surfing.

Now this is not really a trick, it’s just an advice on how to score over 95% tricks without much problem and collect experience points.

1. Choose the right spot – Cloud 9

2. Instead of going right  – go left!

3. Immediately after takeoff hit the lip and make a roller. You should get over 95% score (and +1 experience point) in 1 out of 5-10 tries.

Youriding trick


Since this is the first trick on the wave, you can make many tries in little time and build up your experience points. Good luck :)!


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