Video Week 6: Pipeline Aerial Footage

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First there is this video of Pipeline that only has aerial footage. Wow :o! Making a original video of a surf spot that is also called “the most photographed wave in the world” is hard. Making it so original that it stands out from all the surf clips I have seen so far? Awesome!

John John Florence

I think it’s time I post all 4 videos of JJF. Great shots and amazing surfing. Some of the best surfing that you can see online:

Begin Again




Hercules Megastorm and Longest Waves

A lot has been written about the mother of all storms Hercules that shook the Atlantic in the beginning of 2014. Unfavorable wind condition in most places prevented big waves surfers to break records. But a few places lit up like never before.

The cleanest big waves I’ve ever seen. 60 seconds of Hercules madness at Poca Puta in Spain.

Here is the longest wave ever ridden in Lagos, Portugal, thanks to Hercules

And when we are talking about long waves here is another one that popped up just recently

Till next time…

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