Project Blue and Nixon Lodown

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Looks like there is a certain green mood floating around, maybe because I just saw a turd floating around in the lineup.. well there is another environmental and board-sports related project we’ll take a look at this time – Project Blue. Project BLUE is about companies supporting and funding Surfrider Foundation and its actions, clean water, blue oceans and green environment, the whole deal. How do they do that? It’s not a charity its a plan of action they say. Why? Some of the products are labeled with a Project Blue logo and part of the money they make selling these products go to Surfrider foundation. So your wallet decides how much money goes to Surfrider. Companies in Project blue so far are Billabong, DAKINE, Electric, Nixon and Reef.  Right now Nixon made their Lodown watch a project Blue item.

Project Blue Products

Products in project BLUE range somewhere in between Billabong board shorts, DAKINE backpacks, Electric sunglasses, Nixon watches and Reef sandals.

Nixon Lodown

If you want to have your tide chart at hand at all times, why not put it in your watch? With Nixon Lodown watch you get the most comprehensive tide watch available (so they say) that has tide charts for 200 beaches that are globally pre-programmed for the next 15 years. And you support the Surfrider Foundation.

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