Dolphin Waterproof MP3 Player and SwimMan’s waterproof iPod shuffle

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In the old days, you just put a big seashell next to your ear. Or you could listen to the birds and dolphins. Later you could listen to the highway sounds, big ships honking and the sounds of the crowds, surfers being pissed at bodyboarders mixed with screaming mothers and children on the beach. Now, being safe from the man in the gray suit either by sticker or by fancy gadget, you can plug in your favorite waterproof mp3 player in your ear canal and again, be in control.

Dolphin waterproof MP3 player

Waterproof MP3 Player

Waterproof MP3 Player, how it works? Just wrap an ordinary MP3 player in a silicone tube held secure with cable-ties and add some weird looking earphones. And you have a 1GB of flash, USB 2.0, and support for MP3/WMA playback off 8-hour battery Dolphin Waterproof MP3 Player. It stays dry if you can keep it from submerging more that 4ft under water. Price is about $107.

SwimMan’s waterproof iPod shuffle

Waterproof IPod shuffle

That was just to simple. If you need to get wet together with your IPod than the next waterproof MP3 player is for you. SwimMan has turned a second generation iPod shuffle into a  waterproof player that can play until you are 10 feet under (water). The waterproof casing is put on the inside, so it just looks normal. Price? $150 for just the waterproofed iPod shuffle or $250 for the shuffle with a waterproof headset and a 1-year limited warranty.

Its not something that you would catch wearing people while surfing, windsurfing etc, but its nice if you are bored training and doing laps in the pool.

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